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Try automated visitor management system for societies

Try automated visitor management system for societies

In today’s times, tracking visitors to ensure security in residential societies and commercial complexes has become a critical task.
In this case, a visitor management software such as SpideyManage is a perfect and smart solution. It manages and tracks visitors such as daily guests, daily workers, contract labours, servants of residential complexes, apartments, housing colonies or in other words, society as a whole.

During the Covid pandemic, security became a major concern of residential societies. The touchless visitor management system provides touchless features to avoid the spread of the coronavirus with robust security. The information which is stored in Visitor Management software is very useful in case of an emergency and if the identification of the visitor is required at a later date.

It allows the following features:

  1. Instant Notification

An instant alert message/ notification is sent to the host as the
visitor/guest checks in, therefore the system saves a lot of time.

  1. Easy Badge Printing

You can get personalised badge printed for your household staff for more
security and identification within residential society.

3. Pre-Registration

SpideyManage allows you to pre-register your visit by providing previous
registered information such as mobile number or email

  1. Real-Time Dashboard

SpideyManage is very easy to install and starts working as soon as you
install it.

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