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Electrity Bill Payment

Electrity Bill Payment

Many residential societies have already introduced the prepaid electricity meter in their societies.
Benefits of Prepaid Electricity Bill:
1. Consumers can pay their electricity bill as per their convenience.
2. Saves cost on manual metering, billing, and collection.
3. Consumers can track their electricity use and plan their power purchases better.
4. Recharging your power can be done digitally and instantly.
5. Power thefts can be spotted and prevented easily.

How to pay Prepaid Electricity Bill
Residents can pay their electricity bill through their login panel by scanning their bill or pay digitally.
Option 1

Step1. Resident has to login their login panel first and then the payment screen will display. SpideyMange also sends the invoice of electricity bill to residents’s email address so that they can pay their bill on time. Resident can pay their electricity bill by scanning the code through GPay or Paytm.

Residents have to scan the QR Code to make the payment easily.

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