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Best experience for your Visitor Management System

Best experience for your Visitor Management System

Establishing a compatible policy for visitors is very important in today’s life. Every company needs an easy-to-operate, effective, foolproof, and comprehensive visitor management system. This system should be designed to improve the experience of all visitors.

An effective visitor policy makes it easier for the front desk personnel to efficiently do their jobs while also giving security teams a foundation for their work. Policies should include:

 * Check-in and check-out procedures
 * Access points for visitors
 * How often visitor logs are checked out
 * Types of ID needed from visitors
 * Temperature check policy
 * Additional check-in parameters

Coronavirus pandemic has made life more contactless solution oriented, something that is critical for visitor management systems.

Use ID Badge Identification for visitors

ID badges are quick ways for security teams to identify who should be in an office and who shouldn’t. However, some companies do not give visitors any sort of credential to recognize them as a visitor. Badges should have the following information from a visitor:
* First and last name
* Date of visit
* Contact number

It is essential to collect the badges from visitors after the end of their visit to avoid any misuse.

Automate Visitor Alert and Messaging System

The front desk team receives a lot of information, phone calls, and incoming messages every day. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to tell that a visitor is here for them- especially during busy hours. By sending automated alert or message to employee when a visitor checks-in, front desk personnel can continue their regular work. Visitor management systems such as SpideyManage make it easy to analyze guest data and provide better security for every visitor’s personal information. We keep the personal information of every visitor safe and never disclose it to anyone.

Every company’s visitor policy will vary, but these tips will help establish a smooth operation to support your front desk team’s
interactions with visitors. Schedule a demo online with SpideyMange or call at 91-7290005669 to learn more about the best practices for a visitor management system.

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