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Your data is secured from day one with SpideyManage

Your data is secured from day one with SpideyManage

We do not sell your confidential data to third party vendors. At SpideyManage, the security of your data comes first. We are committed to build systems that keep your data safe from day one.

What happens to your data when you use SpideyManage?

  • Your data is NEVER shared with any third party (even with SpideyManage) for any marketing, analytics, or any other intelligence activities purposes.
  • Only authorized persons in your society (based on their role) have access to your data. For example
    • RWA admins can only see support tickets and your data.
    • Society managers can only approve new residents and remove residents. They need to provide valid reasons to access this feature.
  • The developer team does not have access to your data. We have enterprise-level security for SpideyManage. All data is encrypted, and then a backup is taken for Disaster Recovery (DR).
  • All biometric data is collected – for maids, electricians, plumbers, and support staff – at the device level and converted (using one-way encryption techniques) to ensure that it can never be recreated and can only be used within the SpideyManage application.
  • Even for development, dummy data is used and access to any kind of data is restricted via Google security.

The latest security upgrades as per the PDPB 2019 & GDPR guidelines:
The government of India is mulling over new guidelines for security.
As per the proposed Personal Data Protection Bill (PDPB) 2019 guidelines, all data originated in India should be stored on Indian servers.
Though the bill is still under consideration, SpideyManage has taken proactive measures to implement this.

Your data, your rights!

  • All PII (Personal Identification Information) is hidden. Only authorized people in your society have access to this information, only after they can provide valid reasons to access it.

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