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Why Do You Need Visitor Management Software?

Why Do You Need Visitor Management Software?

If you are living in a gated society and want to track your visitor then you should definitely use visitor management software.

Reasons For Having A Visitor Management Software

1. Proactivity

Security and surveillance have often been dealt with incidents in various ways – an undesirable person enters the facility and causes an incident, and then surveillance teams check the logbooks and ban that person for the future. But what if you could prevent an incident from occurring in the first place? Wouldn’t you go for it?

With the right visitor management software like SpideyManage, surveillance teams can come to know who’s coming into the society before they even set foot on site. When a banned person tries to enter the society, our system is capable enough to inform you so that you can take the right action against the undesirable person.

2. Reduced costs

A manual/pen-and-paper based visitor management system may seem to save money in the short-term, but it drains your profits in the long run. Without an effective visitor management system, your society is left open to reputational risks.

3. Communication
If an individual is added to a banned list, guards at society gates need to be notified so that they can identify that person if they try to enter the building. For example, an effective, comprehensive visitor management system provides this capability.

Furthermore, in the event of lockdowns, or evacuations, a visitor management system provides you with the capability to send mass notifications through email or SMS to all personnel and active visitors. This is a key safety measure that is impossible without modern visitor management software.

4. Pre-Guest Approval
Residents can notify their incoming guests to the guard so that they don’t have to wait long at the entrance. We are providing a fully automated and AI-based intercom facility with our SpideyManage visitor management software.

5. Effective in Coronavirus Pandemic
With the current coronavirus outbreak, our visitor management software is more important than ever for a society. All societies need to understand what third-party guests are coming into their premises. Stricter guidelines ensure utmost safety of all the residents. With the help of SpideyManage, guards can work more efficiently and effectively. The manual works get minimised and everything gets automated for safety purposes.

Visitor management needs to be more than a gate register/log book. Rather, it should provide visibility and facilitate communication with guards and society members.

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