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Easiest Way of using SpideyManage Visitor Management System

What do you look for when you think about residing in a place? What is the very first priority for your home? Yes, Safety comes first. You would want your home in a place where there is no doubt or fear of sending your child out and about in the apartment area, where you can keep you and your family safe. You don’t have to think twice when SpideyManage comes to the rescue with its most advantageous feature of the Visitor Management System.

We have it briefly classified for the Residential Society as a whole. 

The residents first have to register themselves in the Spidey Manage app for a  new way of safety at their own home. The app is available on both IOS and Android version. Our Visitor Management System is the ease for the residents in various ways.

Ease in Entry-Exit

Every Resident has its own unique QR code written on the card issued by us for the safety that no outsider enters in the apartments. That card ensures the entry and exit of the society residents.  You can either scan the QR code or through your name can easily get an entry.
Visitor Management

If there is an expected visitor, it is to be pre-approved through our app. We make sure the visitor is warmly welcomed in society. As the visitor enters the society the guard asks for the phone number of the visitor an OTP is sent to the visitor right away. 

As soon as the phone number is confirmed. All other necessary details are asked by the visitor like which flat he wishes to visit and his name.

 A push notification is also provided on the arrival of the visitor which is to be approved by the selective resident and after the confirmation visitor is allowed to enter the society premises.

Staff Management

If your searching for a maid, you can easily find a maid through our app and not just that they are reviewed so for you to find a perfect maid for your house. You will be notified once the maid enters the premises and you can also keep a track of them through their attendance.

Not just that we keep a record of entry and exit of any service provider. 

For the safety of the residents, if any service provider wishes to enter the premises, he/she will have to go through some simple steps.

The guard will ask for its phone number and through an OTP. It will be confirmed, the type of service, name and the personal details of the provider will be entered.

It will have to choose the flat no of his/her employer and select for the service to be provided to the respective residents. A push notification would appear on the resident’s phone confirming the entry of the service provider. After the confirmation, he/she will be allowed to enter the premises.

The Guards

The gatekeepers are the core for the safety, SpideyManage has made it easy for them as well in through our easiest digital platform. A guard will have a 4G enabled device and they will be trained by us once the contract is approved. The power of the entry and exit lays in the device of the guard’s device he will receive confirmations and the notification if any visitor or staff overstays. The guard will have the record of every person entering the society premises and also the time being of their stays.

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