Home ArticleSpideyManage garners trust of people at Kanpur
SpideyManage garners trust of people at Kanpur

SpideyManage garners trust of people at Kanpur

SpideyManage’s vision to extend its presence in Tier II cities has begun to translate into reality. Recently, trusting our enterprise, the apartments/societies/commercial establishments at Kanpur have started installing our software. SpideyManage has everything in a well-designed way to cater the present-day crisis situation. The World has changed after Coronavirus pandemic. It has affected people’s lives. In such a scenario, there was a need to adapt to the changing environment and SpideyManage paved the way for an easy, safe, contact-less and online management system for any establishment.

Understanding the need of the hour, our organization has focused on delivering a software which provides apartment/property management solutions, that are well equipped to handle the challenges emerging out of COVID-19. We are grateful to the users for their excellent response and trust in our product.

Mr. Bhakt Mohan Pun, Chairman of SpideyManage said, “It is heartening to see people benefiting from our vision. The software was designed with an objective to help people in dealing their day-to-day life necessities in urban living through the digital solutions. We are happy to serve people during this challenging time that we are all facing during pandemic. Residents/users can benefit from our software and safeguard themselves from the deadly virus by managing the most of the services through our app in a real-time, contact-less environment.”

SpideyManage also has plans to extend operations to other cities like Jaipur, Jodhpur, Lucknow, Agra, Allahabad, Varanasi, Patna, Ranchi and Dhanbad in near future.

The software covers many areas such as Corporate-level ERP solutions to the RWA/Property Managements, cloud-based smart ERP tools designed to make Administrative Tasks easier for Estate Managers and Facility Management Companies. The software also offers unique services such as, Personal Assistant, Accountant, Security Officer and Human Resource Manager. Apart from that, the software also offers an Integrated Accounting System, streamlined service request management for users, a Visitor Gate Management solution, scheduling features for shared facilities, and IoT based data collection platform for Analytics.

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