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Smart & easy parking management with Spideymanage

Smart & easy parking management with Spideymanage

Managing parking space is a major challenge in the societies. With the modern urban cooperative living format where thousands of people are living together with different cultures, there can be no dearth of reason to spur unrest.

Therefore, to maintain a peaceful co-living, society admins need to ensure that among many other factors, parking is one that also needs special attention with great responsibility.

To start with, if there is something that needs to be managed, first and foremost there need to be some rules levied equally on all the residents. Therefore, let’s check out what are the parking rules that the housing societies commonly follow.

1. Do not park at the other’s space without permission.

2. Make sure that you are using your allocated space well and pushing too close to the boundary may cause inconvenience to the other vehicles.

3. If any owner owns a parking space but doesn’t have a vehicle, the owner reserves the right to rent it or permit another resident to occupy the space.

4. If you are expecting guests and more numbers of cars, inform the society office well in advance to make the necessary arrangements.

Even after so many rules for parking in the society, it is not easier to supervise if they are abided or not. It becomes more difficult when there are many vehicles parked wrongly by the visitors. In those cases, society offices need to put enough labour so that the management runs smooth, seamless, without offending any guests.

Thankfully, there is a technological solution by SpideyManage to make this sensitive yet laborious task easier.

Parking Management solution makes the task easier by automating manual work like making the allocation of the parking space to the visitors, who occupy the space for a shorter duration, easy and smooth. Also, it helps in tracking the vehicle’s details like sticker number, flat number, vehicle type etc.

Some of the features that SpideyManage Parking solution provides are:

Vehicle Tracking: Automated process captures the details of every vehicle entered like its entry and exit time, sticker number and owner details.

Parking Space Management: Helps in managing available parking spaces by automated monitoring of entry and exit of vehicles of residents. You can also plan where to park guests’ and visitors’ vehicles.

Boom Barrier Integration with RFID tag: It is very effective in monitoring the movement of vehicles at society gates or any entry or exit gates. Under this technology, the position of any RFID enabled vehicle can be tracked in both moving and stationary positions.

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