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No Parking Problem anymore

Buying a vehicle normally brings a lot of happiness but not always. There are so many cases where people faced problems with parking even on the first day after buying the vehicle. Sometimes, parking issues cause heated arguments as well. The reason for this is sudden increase in the number of vehicles. Issues also crop up with the parking of guest’s car. To solve these types of problems, CitySpidey comes up with easy solutions which are very easy to use.

Booking of parking slots

If you are aware of someone’s visit, book a parking space in advance to save yourself from the last minute hurdles. It is easy to book the parking space. You just have to go to bookings, select date, time and done. SpideyManage make it so simple that one can easily manage their bookings with just a few clicks. No matter whether it is a two-wheeler or four-wheeler, one can book according to the need and time.

Entry and Exit

Whenever the vehicle enters in the compound of the society or even when it takes exit, it is recorded for security. It can be done through stickers or by the registered number. That time is long gone when gatekeeper stops you and notes the number. It was a cumbersome process which led to long queues outside the main gate. We are becoming smart so it should also reflect on our society gate.

SpideyManage also offers a wide range of services. If you are a residential society manager or resident, you have much to benefit from getting your neighbourhood onto the SpideyManage Web. The platform is equipped with a mobile-based Gate Security System, Exhaustive Accounting Software, tools for online transactions, personnel management and much more.

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