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Make way for paying society bills online!

What if you want to view your bill payment history for the past 6 months? We all have those heavy cumbersome files in our house, which contains bundles of bills and expense related notes. You will either have to go through those and spend hours and hours rummaging through them. Or the other option that you have is to visit the accounts section in the RWA office. This process is very time consuming and unnecessary. We at CitySpidey offer you a new way to browse through your bills and to make your society payments online.  

Just tap on the accounting feature in the SpideyManage app and a page displaying all your expense related information will open. From electricity to maintenance, all charges will be displayed on one screen. Problem solved! Now you can forget about that file because SpideyManage is here to take care of all your needs.  

  • All-in-one Accounting  

Now you can find all your expenses under one head. This will remove the hassle of going through different sources to find that one bill you were looking for. Also, you won’t have to pay different bills individually as the invoice includes all the payments under one head. Water bill payment, electricity charges all will be clubbed under one bill and the total amount is a result of all of them added together.   

In case of any special charge being applied for the month, our digital notice board will inform you about it. Suppose a sewage pipe is being repaired, a notice informing you about that will be displayed. When you are billed for the repair related charges at the end of the month, you can review it and find out if there is any discrepancy. Also, you can continuously track your late payment charges if you have crossed your monthly due date.   

  • Utility and Expense tracking  

Now you can keep track of your spending and manage your expenses accordingly.  You can review your previous invoices as well which facilitate easy comparison. This will result in better fund management for all apartment residents. Utility tracking includes payments like water, electricity and other expenses which are the basic utility expenses incurred to sustain a household. Expense tracking includes maintenance charges which may comprise of any charges on account of services availed during the month or basic monthly maintenance charged by the RWA from each society resident.  

Common Area Maintenance Charges (CAM) and Common Area Electricity Charges (CAE) can also be tracked with the help of our app. You can review your share and if there is a sudden surge in the charges as compared to the previous month, you can enquire about the same from the RWA.  

Certain fixed charges are applied every month, like fixed electricity charges, fixed backup charges, etc. You can also track them every month to see if there is any inconsistency in the charged expenses.  

The normal procedure for any bill payment in the present-day societies is primitive and time-consuming. Generally, the RWA sends their agent to collect the dues from the society residents. There is a strong possibility that many residents have gone out somewhere, probably to their offices or maybe even on a vacation. Later, you yourself have to go to the RWA office and enquire about the bill. Maybe the office is closed at that time. This can make you very frustrated and delay your payment resulting in late payment charges being applied. Where is your fault in all of this?  

Now you can pay your due bills while sitting away from home and enjoy your vacation tension free. If your previous month bill is unpaid, it will also be displayed on the front screen along with the current due bill. You have the option of deselecting the bill that you don’t want to pay right now. For example, in this case, you can pay the previous month bill right now, and the current due bill later. Paper bills result in a lot of paper wastage, and this digital way provides you with an environment-friendly way to operate.  

SpideyManage is an apartment Management Software that helps in making the lives of apartment residents easier. With digitisation happening in all sectors around the world, it is high time that our societies update themselves with the latest technology and get rid of old, wasteful methods to make the society a happy living space for all the apartment residents.   

So, feel free to hit us up on our email – info@spideymanage.com or schedule a demo with us and experience our services first-hand by clicking here

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