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Manage Your Society Parking With Ease

There must be a great number of vehicles that enter and exit every day in your society. We understand it is one hectic task to keep a record of all the vehicles of the society residents and also keeping them organised and safe.

SpideyManage has brought you one simple solution for the vehicle management of your society. No need to worry about parking spaces anymore when you can keep a track of them through our SpideyManage app. You can easily check for the available slots and the parking spaces provided to the residents and are just at the respective slots allocated to them.
We provide a box of advantageous features suitable just for you.

  • Guest Parking

 We have revolutionised the way of keeping any guest wait at the gate for the approval of its entry. Any resident having an expected visitor can easily book a slot for his parking also by providing his vehicle number the guest can easily enter the society premises. The parking in-charge will approve and deny on the basis of the available slots. Entry and exit are also easily managed through the SpideyManage app. We make sure the guest is warmly welcomed provided a space for his vehicle as well.

  • Vehicle Management

You can easily manage the number of vehicles and the type of vehicles are in society, either a two-wheeler or a 4 wheeler also making sure a perfect space is provided for the vehicle. Each resident is allocated with one parking slot for free making sure it is parked at respective slot or in any case someone having an extra vehicle is provided with an extra paid slot, and this all can be done through our SpideyManage app.


               We have a classified Slot Management system for the association to monitor accordingly.                   

  1) Free

It is provided to all the residents for their own vehicles to be parked at the respective slots allocated to them. The RWA can track such through the SpideyManage app.                                                        

2) Paid

Any Resident having an extra vehicle can demand an available slot for their vehicle. And an invoice can also be generated through our app.

   3) Guest

 The resident has an expected visitor can easily demand the available  parking slot for their guests. We make it easier for the association as well as the residents. The RWA can manage and monitor for the available slots through our app.

  • Innovative Dashboard

We provide an automated version for you to easily look for available parking slots and also helping the association manage and monitor through the SpideyManage app.

  • Automated Entry/Exit

We also keep a record of any automated entry i.e done through RFID chip given by your respective association. As the vehicle approaches the gate, the boom barrier automatically opens through scanning the chip and the record is maintained in our app.

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