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SpideyManage is the best companion for socialisation in a society

Living in a gated society might be little boring. Mostly neighbours don’t know each other, generally they don’t interact each other that lead to no group interactions, group activities and celebrations. To reduce this silence gap between the apartment owners SpideyManage comes up with a convenient way that bring the bonding between residents and societies back. Here are some services that we delighted to offer with our another residential services.

Notice board

Writing the notice on the notice board to inform everyone is a thing of past. In running metro life everyone is busy in their work and best way to send the notices is on their cell phones and inboxes. No important notice goes unnoticed when it is posted through SpideyManage ERP. It is very easy to handle and even can be customised for a selected group or person.

Opinion poll

Living in a society don’t means you are limited to your flat or apartment. For every rule and regulation or any opinion, every member have the right to share their opinion. And to make this easily reachable to everyone and also they can respond as same ease, SpideyManage makes the opinion poll. Nothing promotes a sense of belonging more than the opportunity for everyone to have a say in important community matters through society / RWA opinion polls.


A platform for starting neighbourly discussions on important matters, exchanging knowledge or even sharing a few chuckles. One can start a forum and another can share their point of view online and after the completion of the task for what forum is created, it can be archived.


It is fun to have friends with whom we can share our feeds and every story we are up for. SpideyManage make it so simple for use. Now it is an easy way to find like-minded neighbours to share a hobby or plan activities with . Just add members, schedule meetups, upload photos, discuss, share and connect.

To know more about our services connect with us through our mail : info@spideymanage.com

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