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Accounting Management Software for Your Gated Community

Accounting Management Software for Your Gated Community

Are you still spending your weekends maintaining your society’s books?

Most of the RWA/AOA/Facility Managers remain glued to meetings to understand and sort the society books on weekends or late evenings. With the world moving towards the digitalised setup, why keep apartment account books and its management glued to age-old cumbersome systems.

SpideyManage, the hyperlocal accounting platform for apartments and gated societies has all the features to keep the figures and account statements on the fingertip of the management committee or the estate manager. Spidey Manage is the refined and well-defined way for appropriate & crystal-clear accounting.

SpideyManage offers:

  • A specialized dashboard for payments, bills, monthly and weekly reports
  • Automated Invoicing with pre-configured details for due calculation.
  • Easy and single-click billing and personal ACCOUNT ACCESS for all residents through the app.
  • Ease of usage and low transactions costs.
  • Integrated Payment Gateway
  • Manage Vendor Invoicing and Payments, Bulk Upload Expenses, Create and Manage Purchase Requests.
  • Instant receipt generation, Online Defaulter Follow-up
  • Facility Booking options, move-in/out charge and Festival ticketing options available
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • End to end Accounting from defining chart of Accounts to the generation of Trial Balance and Final Balance Sheets.

Accounting Management Software

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